always a good day.

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As the Jamaicans would say “irie”, meaning “always a good day” or “at a constant state of peace”, is EVERYTHING THAT we stand for.

More than everything, we care about your happiness in this one moment in time.

At Irie Event Design we take on full responsibility for every aspect of your event by planning, designing, managing, and executing absolute event perfection. From the tablescape design to the pin spot lighting, we plan immaculate, large and small production events that will take your breath (and your worries) away. By hiring us, you can be sure that your celebration will be nothing short of irie. Whether your event is a wedding, corporate event, gala, or social celebration, we promise to work endlessly and deliver flawlessly for you.


“As a team, Shaunden and Sarah are so kind, and keep your happiness front and center. They are honest, helpful, and offer creative solutions that turn your wedding day pain points into your favorite moments of the day.” - Heather Davis


Please enjoy viewing the beauty of our work. We cannot wait to meet you!