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a name chosen for its meaning;
"the way you feel when you have no worries"
defines the experience that we aim to deliver. 

Set your worries aside and revel in the excitement of being engaged, while our team manages the million tiny details of bringing your dream to life.
All we expect of you is to show up, pop the champagne, and party!

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"They were amazing. They were so organized and fun to work with. They completely understood the image I had for my special day and helped to bring it to life. Sarah and Carly are the sweetest girls you will ever meet and understand how important your wedding day is. They set up multiple meetings with me to make sure everything was perfect... and it was thanks to them."

Shea Hem | 9.24.22

"Do not even second guess it... hire Irie Event Design for your wedding."

"Not only were they so so kind, but truly they thought of every single detail and had things done HOURS sooner than any other event planners we've worked with in the past.

 When we walked in to get started for the day they already had the tablescapes and all the details done and ready to be photographed, they wrangled people all day long and were genuinely so helpful- it's like they knew what we needed before we needed it.

As a photographer, when a couple hires an event planner it makes our day SO MUCH EASIER because we can really focus on photographing and not on basically being the planner. Could not recommend more!!!!

Jenna Solich | 9.24.22

"Could absolutely not recommend more. We are writing this review from a photographers standpoint, we worked with Irie two weeks ago and were absolutely BLOWN away."

"When it comes to design I know nothing. Their expertise in everything from napkin coloring to floral choice to chair color was beyond helpful! They got my vision completely! My big fat Greek wedding went from a vision to a reality when we had our reception room reveal. I remember thinking I was actually in Greece when I saw it!

The day itself went flawlessly because of Sarah and her team. I cannot tell you how many times my husband and I looked at each other and said thank god for Sarah!!

So many little things happened that she handled. One major thing was she made sure I didn’t forget my mom wanted to do a speech!! This was a last minute timeline add on. She came running up to me with the very intricate timeline we created and made sure I handed my mom the mic after nearly skipping her. I would’ve never heard the end of it from my mom.

Something extra special I loved was that Sarah placed my dress on my special hanger after I changed into my after party outfit, and she hung it nicely in my hotel room with the veil. There are just WAY too many things to remember and this is something that would've never been done without her there!!

There are countless things you will never think of to plan for ahead of time or know what to do in the moment, and the only way to handle it is to hire Irie Event Design!!"

Anna Despotakis | 9.24.22

"I don’t know what we would’ve done without Sarah and her team!"

"From the very beginning design and planning stages to the day of she made sure everything was seamless and perfect!

I gave Sarah a couple vague ideas of what I thought I might want my wedding day to look like. She came back with multiple beautiful design options and really worked with me to help figure out every element of the romantic boho vibe we were trying to achieve.

Sarah truly ensured we had a stress free planning experience! She handled all the communication with the vendors, made sure our timeline was organized, and was always there to answer any and every little question I had!

Our wedding truly turned out to be the most beautiful day! When Sarah showed us our reception space, I was in shock that it was really my wedding. Sarah ensured that every detail came together flawlessly. We got so many compliments on all the little details that went into our day. Irie handled all of the set up, coordinated the whole day, and also packed everything up for us. I was relieved that our day was in her hands! There is absolutely no way we could’ve done it without Sarah!

I highly recommend Irie for all of your wedding planning and design needs!"

Breanne Muir | 8.20.22

"Sarah and her team were an absolute dream to work with!"

When you hire a wedding planner, you know you're going to have weight lifted off your shoulders.

Sarah took care of so much – she handled the back and forth with vendors, she organized a timeline, she told everyone where to be and when and was able to answer all of my questions any time I had them. I had a lot of questions. Having someone who has gone through the process who can guide you through it is invaluable no matter how big or small your wedding is. With Sarah, I was able to breeze up to my wedding day as the "most chill bride ever" as I was told. That is more than I could ask for. But then I saw the set up, which she designed it top to bottom, during the "rehearsal reveal". It was amazing. She took my loosely held vision and turned it into something real.

I may be biased but it was the most beautiful wedding I had ever been to and I couldn't believe it was my own. Irie was the best money I spent throughout the entire process and Sarah is so talented at what she does. Hire her – she will think of every detail you don't even know needs attending to, she will blow your Pinterest board out of the water and she will make your day feel like you even if you're still deciding what you want as you go. So many people told me that it was one of the best weddings they've ever been to and I owe it all to Sarah. I couldn't recommend Irie more!

Hilary Eaton | 7.22.22

"Irie made my dream wedding come true, coming from someone who didn't fully know what their dream wedding was when it all started. Sarah helped me create it."

"She made mine and my husband’s dream wedding come to life and I don’t have enough words to express how thankful I am to her and her team! Our wedding was a bit different given that we were going to have 2 separate ceremonies on the same day, there were so many cultural pieces that were incorporated and Irie just knocked it out of the park.

Sarah is so creative, kind, and just so dang good at her job. I’m a visual person and her ability to make mood boards is incredible and it really helped us understand what our day was going to look like. Her research skills when it came to identifying vendors, décor, etc. were top notch. She advocated for our wants and needs with vendors leading up to the day and also on the day of.

While I wish we lived closer to each other so we could’ve met more in person (since she’s so great) – the distance didn’t stop Sarah from being super communicative. She was really good about texting, calling, and emailing within a short period of time. Given her experience in event planning – she was able to give us more insider knowledge on expectations, trends, cost, etc. which was very helpful. She’s also stayed in contact since our wedding – debriefing on the day once we got back from our honeymoon which I really appreciated.

You won’t regret choosing Irie to help plan your next event, wedding, etc – they’re definitely worth it!"

Ranjana Kodwani | 4.30.22

"The amount of gratitude I have for Irie Event Design and especially Sarah – is so huge!! ."

"She made our venue even more beautiful than what is already was. My husband and I agree, hiring Irie was the best money we spent with planning our wedding. Sarah is extremely personal and responsive with any concerns/questions. I would hire her a million times over."

Brianne Silverman | 5.13.22

"Sarah was amazing, she made our wedding day enjoyable, taking all the stress off our shoulders! ."

"I was so ready to cancel this wedding and just elope multiple times before we hired Irie, as we had soooo many bumps and problems along the way. Sarah fixed every single problem and ensured that everything went perfectly and stress-free. We had vendors back out last minute and she smoothly replaced them. Our budget changed when our car died, we had to replace our gas line, and I lost my job, all in the two months before the wedding, and she made sure we achieved the right aesthetic on the new budget. The shuttle carrying most of the family got lost, and she made sure the wedding schedule stayed on track. She handled all of our vendors, requests from our families, and all of the changes with such positivity! I could not have thrown such a fantastic party without Irie!”

Lauren Schricker | 11.20.21

"I cannot recommend Irie enough! Everyone is still raving about how gorgeous and detailed every aspect of the wedding was."

"When we had difficulty with our rental reservation just days before the wedding, Sarah stepped up and made calls and drove to the vendor in person to make sure everything was handled. She was supportive of our ideas and input, and helpful when we needed advice. Irie was everything we could have asked for and more. During the reception, Sarah and Molly were such a joy to have and they made everything flow flawlessly! We couldn’t recommend them more and are so grateful for all their help!”

Maggie Barbini | 10.2.21

“Sarah was a life-saver during the month of wedding planning! She was incredibly professional, organized, and kind not just to us, but to all of our vendors."

"It will truly be one of the best decisions you will make during the planning process! As an experienced wedding and event professional, I highly recommend Irie Event Design and all of the members of their team. I have worked with Sarah and Molly for years, and from then to now, their design ideas, attention to detail, easy-going yet hard-working but still FUN personalities have consistently surpassed my expectations. You will not regret making this investment for your wedding or event! Irie is one of the most talented and professional teams in the wedding and event industry."

Natasha Learn | 7.9.21

"You will have a heightened wedding or event planning experience if you book Irie Event Design as your wedding or event planner/designer."

"These two have such a feel for design. They used colors, textures, lighting, and accents to create the overall “modern boho, earthy vibe", we envisioned. They captured the very essence of our personalities, it was literally “so us! Our favorite part of the planning process was our dinner & drinks where we hung out for hours catching up and discussing wedding plans. We became genuine friends throughout our time working together. They were always a text or call away. Sarah even saved the day when 2 vendors backed out, due to covid, a week before the wedding. Everything they did was absolutely above and beyond. Everything they touched turned to gold. IRIE was worth every cent we spent.”

Rachel Bukenberger | 8.22.20

“Sarah and Shaunden were a dream to work with. From the first meet up, they were bursting with excitement over our vision, already brainstorming how to make it happen."

"They listened to the vibes we wanted, and sharpened it until there was no explanation necessary. Guests arrived, and they just ‘got it.’ Many of the smaller details Shaunden and Sarah recommended on decor were the most raved about from my guests, and the big picture elements (I’m talking festival worthy lighting and sound cues, floor layout, and timing my day to ‘build’ the energy to the very last song) were executed flawlessly. As a team, Shaunden and Sarah are so kind, and keep your happiness front and center. They are honest, helpful, and offer creative solutions that turn your wedding day pain points into your favorite moments of the day. If you want a wedding day that is authentically yours: Hire Irie Event Design.”

Heather Davis | 6.22.19

“If I had to describe Irie Event Design in one word, it would be visionary. Shaunden and Sarah are the reason why my wedding looked and felt exactly like my husband and I."

"She was an absolute angel during the entire process. We met with her over a year in advance and she was in regular contact with us from that moment, from answering questions super late at night to responding to my many insane emails with care and attention and patience. We loved her and literally could not have done it without her. She made the whole experience perfect and stress-free."

Sian Haffner | 1.19.19

"Gigantic, ridiculously huge thank you to wedding coordinator/planner/person who kept everything perfect/bride anti-stress device Sarah!"

"They kept checking in with me and my husband all day to see if we needed anything. I couldn't believe how perfectly and quickly they got the room switched for the reception, and the lighting and music for the ceremony were absolutely perfect. The entire building was spotless too and there was plenty of space for everyone to spread out throughout the evening. I could not possibly imagine a better place or people with whom to share our special day!!”

Laura Hoffer | 9.8.18

“Sarah and Shaunden, who were in charge of my event were SO AMAZING. They seriously did everything within their power to make sure that we had everything we needed & that everything went smoothly."

"Sarah and Shaunden did an incredible job planning our wedding from start to finish with us. They were patient, organized, helpful, and laid back (which helped relieve my stress, especially on the actual wedding day).”

Emily Bowman | 8.5.17

“If I could do my wedding day over again, I couldn’t imagine with anyone else!"